Update 4.6 – Full Patch Notes

In our 4.6 update, we’re delivering fixes and improvements across the Battlefield experience, alongside big changes to the icons we use to help players gain awareness of nearby Health/Ammo/Repair opportunities, further changes to Prone Gameplay as advertised last month, and more balance changes for weapons – including a specific focus on Pistols.

We’re also pleased to say that Al Sundan will be made available on Conquest and Breakthrough shortly after the release of this update, and that with this patch we’re delivering the base files for Operation Underground in preparation for its launch in October.

This update also rectifies the display issues related to latency, fixes the issues with loot in Firestorm, and improves the responsiveness of Revives across both Battlefield V Multiplayer, and Firestorm.

Our full update notes are below – see you on the Battlefield.

Adam Freeman

Battlefield Community Manager

Twitter: @PartWelsh

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Battlefield V – Chapter 3 Trial by Fire Update #4 Notes

This is a quality of life update that addresses issues that have been mentioned within the Battlefield community. The Firestorm map of Halvøy has also gotten multiple changes as our battle royale experience keeps evolving – read all about it in our Firestorm Improvements article.

As per popular request, we’ve done some tweaks to the lighting on soldiers in dark areas to improve visibility. For more details on this, please see our post on Reddit.

Patch Notes:

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Battlefield V – Tides of War Chapter 3 Trial by Fire Update #3

Hello, Battlefield™ V players, and welcome to the second April update, rolling out on April 30th, 2019

This update contains improvements over a wide variety of features, such as tweaks to vehicles, soldiers, and weapons. We’ve also improved Firestorm in several ways. Additionally, there are many other additions that will be enabled through the upcoming Tides of War missions.

Patch Notes:

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