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Battlefield™ è una ricca serie che ti ha portato in diverse epoche di guerra negli ultimi 19 anni. Ora abbiamo deciso di includere un nuovo ed emozionante modo per festeggiare questo retaggio.

Battlefield™ Portal è una piattaforma basata sulla community di Battlefield™ 2042 che ti permetterà di creare e scoprire fantastiche esperienze realizzate dalla creativa e appassionata community della serie. Gli strumenti di creazione includono impostazioni, modalità personalizzate e un Editor logica con cui potrai creare la tua versione del sandbox di Battlefield. Potrai cambiare gli equilibri dei team, modificare le condizioni di vittoria, limitare le armi e anche far scontrare fazioni delle varie epoche di Battlefield. Chi vuole concentrarsi sulla scoperta delle creazioni degli altri avrà un facile accesso a un mondo di battaglie sorprendenti e caratterizzate da alcune delle epoche più famose della serie, unite in esperienze uniche ed emozionanti.

Oltre ai contenuti disponibili in Battlefield 2042, Battlefield Portal ti permette anche di sperimentare con mappe, armi, veicoli e altri contenuti delle migliori esperienze di Battlefield, tutte rivisitate con una grafica moderna. Siamo impazienti di farti rivivere i contenuti di Battlefield™ 1942, Battlefield™: Bad Company 2 e Battlefield™ 3.

“Battlefield Portal è una modalità dedicata agli appassionati e ai creatori” , commenta il Direttore progettazione senior Justin Wiebe di Ripple Effect Studios™ (precedentemente noti come DICE LA). “Questi strumenti daranno alla community più opportunità che mai di creare le proprie varianti dell’esperienza di Battlefield.”

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Battlefield V – Update 7.0

Battlefield V – Summer Update

Today we’re informing you here of what to expect when the Summer Update goes live tomorrow morning. 

It’s a content-heavy update that adds two new maps, nine new weapons, six new vehicles, five new gadgets, and three new types of grenades.

The first of the two maps is the all-new Al Marj Encampment. Set in Libya, this is an infantry-only map, where you can expect both close-quarter fights and ranged combat depending on where you are on the battlefield. It’s 64 players on Conquest and Breakthrough, with additional configurations available on Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch.

The second map is a redesigned and expanded Provence. The play area has been extended to include the farm land, and areas around the outskirts of town, bringing tanks into this battlefield on 64-player Conquest, and Breakthrough. 

Both of these maps feature the U.S. and German armies as the two playable factions, with additional changes having also been made to Twisted Steel and Panzerstorm. We’ll be following up with a similar adjustment on Al Sundan later this month; in the interim this map won’t feature in rotations while we make these changes. Twisted Steel and Panzerstorm will otherwise continue to operate as UK and German factions on Grand Operations and won’t be adjusted in this mode.

To further support these faction changes, new vehicles have been added to the U.S. faction, and we’ve increased the number of U.S. soldier characters by 14, with 2 additional soldier characters also being added to Japan.

In the full Update Notes below, I’ve listed out all of the new weapons, gadgets, and grenades being added in this update. Players who download and login to Battlefield V throughout the next few weeks will receive these items as login rewards, which you’ll be able to accept from the Armory, and equip via the Company. Later in June, these items will revert to the Company for purchase with Company Coin, for anyone who wasn’t able to login and claim the items during this time.

The update goes live tomorrow morning across all platforms starting at 07:00 UTC and I’ll keep you updated via the usual channels on its rollout.

Below you can read the complete set of changes coming as part of this update.
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Battlefield V – Update 5.2

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Hi folks,

Our next update to Battlefield V delivers even more fixes, changes and improvements as our War in the Pacific continues – arriving on Wake Island later this month. We’re also pleased to confirm that Community Games will launch as part of Update 5.2. This feature launches later this month, where you’ll be able to create your own playlist of your favorite maps and modes, invite your friends and play Battlefield V your way.

Below, we’ve detailed all of the changes that we’re making with this update, including insight on the new damage values affecting gunplay at long ranges. We’ve performed a large rebalance across the majority of weapons, ensuring that there’s now a better variety of options to help suit different styles of gameplay for each class.

On behalf of the teams at EA DICE, we want to thank everyone for their support across 2019 and the thousands of hours of feedback that you’ve shared with us. We’re grateful for your support and look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield in the New Year.

Freeman // PartWelsh — Battlefield Community Manager

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